Tryouts & Registration

2015 Breakers Team Tryouts for Girls 

If you have been accepted for a team, please register here: 


Tryouts For Girls U9 – U18:

If you are interested in having your player check out our club, please contact the coach of the team for her age group, and she can come to a tryout to check us out!

Please arrive 15 minutes early to check in.

The tryouts are open to all female players currently playing on recreational or competitive teams at the U7 through U11 level. All players are invited to come and learn about the club, meet the coaches and tryout without any commitments, all at no cost.

Boys tryout information can be found on the website of the Breakers Academy –

The Breakers Club is for:

  • enthusiastic players who want to develop themselves and take their skills to the next level.
  • players who want the best coaching and the best competition in a highly structured, forward-thinking club environment.

The club offers a pathway for such players to continue developing from their earliest soccer experiences to the university level and beyond – all under the guidance of nationally-licensed, professional coaches.

The Breakers Club has a proven track record of placing players in colleges and universities in the United States. Breakers players have attended and played soccer for UCSB, UCLA, Stanford University, Santa Clara University, San Jose State, Cal State Monterey Bay, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, University of San Francisco, Long Island University, San Diego State and University of Vermont, just to name a few. Also, the Breakers club has developed players who have signed professional contracts to play in Mexico (Atlante, Tigres) and England (Sunderland AFC).

Tryout times and locations:

TRY-OUTS U12-U18 age groups
Please contact the coach of the appropriate age group team and the player will be invited to attend a training to try out.

In the event of rain please check this space for updated information.

If your player cannot make the date, no problem. Contact the coach of the team in your child’s age group, and they will make arrangements to have your player come to a practice to be reviewed and train with the team. 

The Santa Cruz Breakers offers the following:

  • One of the top year-round training programs in the nation
  • Additional soccer training at the Breakers Junior Academy
  • Weekly goalkeeper training with the Goalkeeper Director
  • Participation in quality tournaments and exposure to college coaches
  • One of the best coaching staffs in the Northern California made up of coaches with US Soccer Federation National Coaching Licenses
  • US Soccer National Curriculum
  • High quality soccer fields and equipment for training and games.

High School Teams & the Breakers:

The Santa Cruz Breakers has been supportive of high school soccer for many years. Many Breakers coaches have been and are currently coaching in high schools around the county. While Breakers tryouts are scheduled towards the end of the high school season, participation in tryouts does not conflict or jeopardize a player’s high school eligibility. During the high school season, the only day that a high school player is allowed to train with a team outside their HS team is on Sunday. Breakers tryouts will have small sided games up to 5v5 with no referees to stay in line with the CIF rules. Players that are done with their high school season before the tryouts need not worry about the information mentioned above. If a player is still in season (playoffs), they can technically participate in a club tryouts within the parameters mentioned above. For more information about high school eligibility rules, please visit the following website:

If players want to be considered for US Soccer Development Academy Teams (boys only) they should attend the traditional Breakers team tryouts for their appropriate age group. The academy coaches will be in attendance and able to scout them at these tryouts. A player can also contact the academy coaching staff and asked to be evaluated during an academy training session. The USSDA program categorizes players into age groups in a different way than traditional CYSA teams by using a January 1st cut off date instead of an August 1st date. Next year the U18 Academy Team will be comprised of players born in 1995 and 1996 and the U16 Team will have players born in 1997 and 1998 and the U14 team will have players born in 1999 and 2000.

Interpretation of CIF Bylaw Rules 511 and 600

Disclaimer: The following interpretation is just that, an interpretation. You are responsible for reading the applicable CIF bylaws in their entirety in order to determine how they apply to your team. “Outside” Soccer teams must complete their season prior to the first interscholastic contest (see rule 511).

An interscholastic contest is a game or scrimmage. The Central Coast Section of CIF determines when the first interscholastic contest will be. Please check with your High School’s Athletic Director. Eligible high school soccer players may participate with an “Outside” soccer team for purposes of participating in winter indoor soccer or futsal during the winter high school CIF soccer season. (See Rules 511 and 600A).

Eligible high school soccer players may participate with an “Outside” Soccer Team, who is participating in a soccer tournament, as long as the tournament does not exceed 5 v 5. 6 v 6 or more would violate Rule 600A during the winter High School CIF soccer season.



A student on a high school team becomes ineligible if the student competes in a contest on an “outside” team, in the same sport, during the student’s high school season of sport (See Bylaw 511). The following exceptions apply:

A. If the outside team has half or more of the team members as stated in the National Federation rules book for that sport, it shall be considered the same sport. Examples: three on three basketball — outside team competition prohibited; two on two volleyball — outside team competition permitted.

For purposes of this rule, touch football and flag football are considered to be a different sport than tackle football.

In the sport of soccer, Bylaw 600 shall be in effect only during the winter high school soccer season. High school soccer programs that compete during the fall or spring season are not subject to Bylaw 600.

Swimmers may compete for an amateur team during the season of sport in the USA Swimming Senior National Championship Meet, the USA Swimming Sectional Championship meets and the YMCA National Meet. Divers may compete for an amateur team during the season of sport in the USA National Diving Championships and the USA National Junior Diving Championships.

E. Bylaw 600Eshall not be in effect for those sports conducted outside the State-adopted season of sport.

It is permissible for a high school team member to participate in a spontaneous recreational activity or game in which sides or teams are chosen without regard to players representing any group or organization. Such participation would not cause loss of eligibility. (Definition of spontaneous: no prior planning or notice; an unplanned part of another activity which has a primary focus other than the sport.).

G. UNATTACHED COMPETITION IN INDIVIDUAL SPORTS(1) An unattached athlete shall not represent any team. Points won by the athlete shall not be credited to any team. An unattached athlete shall not use a uniform which identifies a school or “outside” team. Any violation shall be considered an infraction of Bylaw 600.

(2) Unattached competition is permissible for a student in other than school contests during the season of sport provided the student enters in the individual sports of badminton (singles and doubles), cross country, golf, gymnastics, skiing, swimming and diving (including unattached entry on relays), tennis (singles and doubles), track and field (including unattached entry on relays) and wrestling.

(Revised May 2003 Federated Council)

No official recognition or certification on the part of the CIF-member school or personnel of the CIF member school may be given in order that unattached athletes may participate in contests.

Unattached competition is not permitted in any CIF competition (See Bylaw 302). Individuals or teams entered in CIF competition must represent a CIF-member school. No other form of representation shall be permitted in CIF competition.

For more information or to see CIF Bylaw 600 in its entirety, go to:



The season of sport for a school is that period of time which elapses between the first interscholastic contest and the final contest for that particular sport. The season of a sport for any individual student is that period of time which elapses between the student’s first participation in an interscholastic contest and the student’s final contest for that particular sport.

A. The “season of sport” shall be established for each sport by the highest CIF component level in which championship competition is conducted (i.e., State, Section or league) in that sport. To participate in state-level competition for any particular sport, a Section must comply with the CIF adopted “season of sport.”

B. The basic sports seasons are:Fall – August through November
Winter – November through February
Spring – February through JuneExact dates may vary from year-to-year and between Sections within the above specified basic seasons. Championship competition may extend beyond these limits.

C. The “season of sport” shall be established for each sport by the highest CIF component level in which championship competition is conducted (i.e., State, Section or league) in that sport. To participate in state-level competition for any particular sport, a Section must comply with the CIF adopted “season of sport.”

Sections have the responsibility to work toward equity relative to length of season, number of contests, and number of opportunities for participation by students.

The “seasons of sport” for State championships are:

Fall – Volleyball (girls) Winter – Wrestling (boys and girls)
Fall – Cross Country (boys and girls) Winter – Soccer (boys and girls – SoCal Regionals only)
Fall – Football (boys) Spring – Track (boys and girls)
Fall – Golf (girls) Spring – Golf (boys)
Fall – Tennis (girls – NorCal Regionals only) Spring – Tennis (boys – NorCal Regionals only)
Winter – Basketball (boys and girls) Spring – Volleyball (boys – SoCal Regionals only)

(Revised May 2008 Federated Council)

For more information or to see CIF Bylaw 500 in its entirety, go to: